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The Role and Path of the Artisan Spirit of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture in the Talent Training of Application-Oriented Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000586


Liqin Xu

Corresponding Author

Liqin Xu


Artisan spirit is the value orientation and behavior performance of applied talents when they carve, refine, pursue perfection of their products. With the development of the times, it has much deeper development connotation, and the contemporary innovative connotation is more significant than that of any era. In order to adapt to the economic development, to cultivate high-quality application-oriented talents with "artisan spirit" has become an important goal of application-oriented talents training of colleges and universities. At present, application-oriented colleges and universities shoulder the important task of training application-oriented talents. How to adapt to the situation, deepen education reform, and cultivate application-oriented talents with "artisan spirit" is the task at present. This paper discusses the necessity of cultivating the artisan spirit of applied talents, and analyzes the effective path of practical training, so as to make the artisan spirit can be paid attention to in all aspects of the cultivation of applied talents.


Applied talents; Artisan spirit; Effectiveness; Cultivation strategy