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Value Education in the Curriculum of Chinese Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000652


Cuibin Jiang , Xiaowen Wei

Corresponding Author

Cuibin Jiang


This paper focuses on the narrow curriculum content, and discusses the educational significance of values carried by curriculum content. The determination of the curriculum goal of a course, the choice of curriculum content and the organization of curriculum teaching all inevitably carry a certain value orientation. If the curriculum is the core or heart of school education, then value orientation is the key or soul of the school curriculum. As for the humanities and social sciences, no country regards subject knowledge as the carrier of ideas. Knowledge of any subject may become the carrier of ideas, the problem lies only in what kind of ideas are penetrated and what kind of implicit ideological and political education media.The term "course content" can be broad and narrow. The broad curriculum includes all the knowledge and culture that taught by school teachers in the school, including the approved content directly adopted in the school classroom and validated by the government department or the government-determined professional body, as well as extracurricular activities, curriculum resources, ways and means of curriculum implementation and environmental atmosphere. The narrow curriculum content is usually limited to the teaching content and teaching methods in the classroom.


Value Education; Curriculum; Ideological and political theory courses